trouble with visiting Russia

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Сообщение wickerman » Пн авг 21, 2006 22:22

i was in tallin last week, it isn't so far from St.Petersburg so i decided to visit it, i knew that i need visas for enter the country, but i thought that it's possible to buyy them on border. but i wasn't certain so i had asked at the hotel's reception about that and they said it's impossible and minimum time to get visa is 8 days... i think that's wrong, i know that no one from here can change it, but it would be good if visas were available at border... because now i don't know when i'll have next chance to visit Russia, because it's quite far from Slovakia (maybe when i'll be 18 and have driving permission)...
and btw: i am trying to learn (since last month) Russian, but it isn't easy :S
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Сообщение flamey » Пт авг 25, 2006 16:39

welcome to the forum!

yes, visa requirements are pain. as a rule, Russia usually imposes biliteral visa requirements as tough as the other country. but i think it is possible to get Russian visa faster. thought it may cost more. ask russian embasy or consulate in Slovakia ( ).

as for learning Russia, if you have any questions or need any help, ask away, im sure im not the only one who'll be glad to help. also, it may be better if you write in slovak, this way we learn or perfect or slovak too :) or try writing in russian you'll learn faster :)
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